Add an Heirloom-Quality Hutch from Schrock’s Heritage Furniture to Your Medina, Ohio Home

Schrock Heritage Furniture_Kensington Leg TableThe furnishings you use in your New Philadelphia, Ohio; Canton, Ohio; or Medina, Ohio home can do more than just act as temporary accent pieces. By being slightly more selective, you could wind up with beautiful furniture that your own children would love to receive one day! If you’ve been thinking about adding a new dining room set or other kitchen furniture to your home, a trip to Schrock’s Heritage Furniture is in order. Unlike other retailers in the region, Schrock’s Heritage Furniture carries fine furnishings that are made with great care using only premium materials. These products are much stronger and more durable than what you’d find at your local big box store, making them excellent candidates for antique furniture down the road. By taking the trip over to their spacious facility this month, not only can you peruse their selection of heirloom-quality hutches and other wonderful offerings, but you can also take advantage of their upcoming events. In addition to their store anniversary sale, Schrock’s will be running a number of Black Friday deals so their customers can receive impressive discounts! And to top it all off, Schrock’s Amish furniture builders will be at the store during the last week of the month!

Schrock Heritage Furniture_Manhattan Three Door HutchThe fact that Schrock’s Heritage Furniture partners with talented Amish furniture builders in the area not only means they’re helping to support their local community, but that the retailer is able to offer customers the very best furnishings possible. Just one trip from your New Philadelphia, Canton, or Medina home and you’ll immediately see a difference between their furniture and what’s available from larger merchants in the region. Instead of flimsy plastic or metal pieces, the majority of Schrock’s inventory is comprised of lovely wooden furniture made of oak, cherry, walnut, and other premium lumber. If you’ve been searching for a new dining room set or any other type of kitchen furniture that you can one day pass down your children or grandchildren, Schrock’s Heritage Furniture is where you’ll find it!

Though dining room sets and other kitchen furniture are permanent fixtures at this family-owned store, the end of November is one of the best times to visit. Not only is their 13,000 sq ft facility stocked with beautiful chairs, tables, and heirloom-quality hutches, but they’ll be available for an even more affordable price! During their store anniversary sale, Schrock’s offers a storewide discount as well as tasty refreshments and live entertainment. Plus, they’ll have additional Black Friday deals the day after Thanksgiving!

Schrock Heritage Furniture_Queen Anne Dining TableIf your New Philadelphia, Ohio; Canton, Ohio; or Medina, Ohio home could use some new furnishings, there’s no better time to pay Schrock’s Heritage Furniture a visit than the end of this month. To learn more about the dining room sets, heirloom-quality hutches, and other kitchen furniture they have available, visit their website at You can also find additional information about their store anniversary sale and Black Friday deals by checking out their Facebook page. Just make sure to take the trip from your home to their facility during the weekend of the 28th so you can peruse their inventory and meet their Amish furniture builders in person!

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Schrock’s Heritage Furniture
4760 E Main St
Berlin, Ohio 44610
Ph: 330.893.2242

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